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Link: The КМРlayer Multilanguage

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KMPlayer 2.8.1030 Multilanguage

Requires Win9x/NT/ME/2000/XP
size 14179KB
Date added: 2005-10-17
Homepage http://www.kmplayer.com

(KMP install-full version(10,494,249) )
( KMP zip-full version(14,764,035) )

Твърде оригинален плейер, с много интересни възмоvности, макар и създаден от кореец.
ps. The original meaning of KMPlayer is K-Multimedia Player. The captial "K" do not mean Korean nor KDE. It's just the developer's family name. (Kang )
The KMPlayer has nothing to do with KMPlayer which is frontend for KDE. It's really strange coincidence. KMP is written by delphi from scratch.

Announcing KMP 2.8.1030 final
Fixed bug in subtitle starting without <Sami>
Support USF subtitles(Not perfect)
Now, it's possible to input a releative subtitle path
Improved the function of correcting aspect ratio difference between desktop and monitor
Fixed bug with aWrapsharp(alt+w)
Optimized internal memory manager
Updated to delphi 7.1
Updated unicode control
Fixed weird bug of showing up white line at the bottom of the screen when subtitles are drawed on

VMR surface with antialiasing and anisotropic filtering enabled
Added support for high quality RGB24/32 conversion
Added 6ch dolby decoder
Added headphone mode 2
Added noise reduction filter
Improved Compressor
Added two algorithms in normalizer method
Moved audio stream selection to submenu and added option to select left/right channel
If not connected to overlay mixer, The KMPlayer will pop up selection dialog of video renderer
Added fast spp/pp7 deblocking in postprocessing method
Added MKV/MP4 keyframe searching
Fixed bug in LPCM decoding
Fixed delay when exiting The KMPlayer, trying to connect to internet.
mproved level filter
Fixed bug in skin drawing
Rearranged MP3 splitter selection menu and added internal MP3 source filter and splitter
Added LPCM decoder selection menu
Added LPCM output
Modified the matrix of internal audio decoder
Added option to pre-amplify AC3/DTS stream
Added option to select audio/video decoder in HDTV(wdm)
It was impossible to process file above 4G with KMP Async Source Filter, fixed.
Updated livavcodec/mplayer library
Added function of outputting subtitles to SkinLabelCmd(LabelCaption, LabelCaptionWithMsg)
Updated TomsMO deinterlacing filter
Updated Asharp filter
Updated SimpleResize filter(only in full version)
Added option to use a unit of pixel at top/bottom margins in Screen Offset preferences(Ctrl+Q)
Improved the compatibility of internal TS splitter
Added button to call filter property window in each section of splitter, external audio/decoder setup
Removed none-used decoder/Adjusted some priority of decoder
Fixed a bug in internal 24bits LPCM decoder
Added Resampler within internal audio decoder/processing filter
Added menu to turn on/off H/W, S/W color controls individually
Added Freeverb filter
Added OGG source filter based on bass.dll
Fixed a bug in SuperSpeed mode, subtitles was not showed up without OverlayMixer
Fixed a bug in 4:3 Extending, the function was not worked properly with mkv
Unicode tags support(ID3v2, APEv2)
Fixed a bug in playing back 120fps avi file when downloading
Fixed a problem of wrong decoding AAC 5.1ch with internal AAC decoder
Some QT audio decoder support with internal MOV/MP4 splitter(needs QT runtime library)
Optimized internal memory manager
Optimized memory copy function
Added Gabest's stream switcher in the preferences of multi-audio streams
Fixed a bug in correction between Monitor and desktop
Added Skin Command which fixs Screen Size to horizental/vertical(SkinSizeFixed=1,2,3)
Added internal AAC source/splitter
Added a function to follow KMP's position settings of subtitles when displaying bitmap sub/idx subtitles
AVC fourcc support in internal MOV splitter; compatibility was greatly improved
Fixed a bug in searching mkv without keyframes when using internal mkv splitter
Added option to go to full screen directly when starting
Support Icecase stream
Added memory caching to internal Async Source Filter
Added option to resize with interlaced source
Added function to define tooltips on skin button in language file. This will greatly increase convenience of users. If you find some crackings on tooltip of any skin you uses, it's required to report to add the item into language file.
Improved Open dialog box for TV-OUT(ctrl+j). Now there are two kinds of Open dialog box for TV-OUT: One for theater mode which draws open dialog box onto overlay surface, the other for clone or dualview mode.
Improved the quality of overlay subtitles
Fantastic VMR message support in VMR Renderless. I really like it.
Added option to process using RGB in color themes. The speed of changing randomly with RGB is faster than YUV, but it is, some or less, a different method to change colors. If you prefer to previous method, switch to YUV color themes at "Skins > Color Themes".
Improved the way of analyzing and displaying file info
Bookmarks/Chapter/Marker would be displayed on trackbar
Fixed forcibly the problem of not connecting internal AAC decoder with Elecard Mpeg2 Demuxer
Fixed a bug in internal realaudio decoder
Fixed a crashing problem in advanced capture/improved its speed and stability
It's possible to add bottom margin for subtitles in super(high)speed mode.
Add function to enable ac3 re-encoding via LPCM output driven by external one like cyberlink auido decoder. In short, it's possible now to expand 2ch source to 5.1ch using cyberlink audio decoder and transfer it to spdif through AC3 re-encoding within kmp.
Improved the compatibility of internal Theora decoder
The size of overlay message could be dynamically controlled. And fixed a flickering problem when displaying overlay message.
Support internal MP4 subtitles
Improved internal source/splitter
Fixed many bugs..
support ratdvd(need ratdvd filters)
support surestream-ed files(rm)
Improved the subtitle rendering speed of Rasterizer
Improved H.264 decoding speed

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Може ли един скрииншот за да вида какво представлява програмата? :)

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супер е !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The КМРlayer


What's new in (2007-01-01):

Extended DVD Supports
Revised DVD settings wholly with detailed configurations to a main tree in preferences.
DVD settings are extended to set decoders up separately for convenience' sake.
Added a function to select DVD navigators.
Added a function to enable Closed Caption in DVD configuration. You should enable it to see the closed caption.
Added an option to select an audio and video renderer independently when playing DVD.
Fixed a serious bug of crashing the player when calling a dvd menu and polished the overall operation.

Revamped WDM device supports
Added a function to open an analog and HDTV device directly in right clicking on KMP > Open menu
Adjusted num keypad to be able to be used in wdm mode. For example, you can change a TV channel using numpad.
Added a function to go to recent channel in WDM control.
Added a function to use waveout device when connecting to wdm audio device(TV cards).
It is possible now to connect directly to the audio device of some TV cards which is independent of directshow.
Added a function of category alternation of video device in the dialog box of WDM configuration. This modification is specifically done for the DTV support of SKY HDTV card.
Improved VBI(Closed Caption) support of WDM(TV).
Improved the function of BDA tuning. It is possible to select among DVB(-T, -S, -C) and MS tuning.
Fixed a problem of not hearing a sound from analog video of SKY HDTV.
Fixed a problem of not displaying a screen when switching DTV <-> ATV in some TV cards.

General Enhancements

Improved compatibility with Windows Vista and revamped preferences window wholly.
Added a function to display additional OSD messages(playback info, time display at top right) on Overlay and VMR Surface.
Retouched the way of turning computer system off when playback is finished, it will wait 10 seconds before shutdown. The shortcut for finished action is 'Ctrl + Alt + Z'. It is also accessible in File Browser window for HTPC(Ctrl + J).

Added a function to resize the dialog box of KMP collectively(for those who have a low vision).
Added a function to change the font color of the dialog box of KMP(for those who have a low vision).
Added a function to control Hue and Gamma in main menu(mainly for remapping it to hotkey).
Added Pin Information Tab in the dialog box of Advanced Filter Information(Ctrl + `).
Added shortcuts to control the main window(Ctrl + Alt + 2/4/6/8).

Added a function to load all files into playlist in folder in preferences > General.
Added a function to specify a folder to open in preferences > General > When Starting tab.
Added a function of pulling and pushing subtitles to mouse wheel definitons in preferences > General > Keyboard/Mouse.
Added a function to capture as png(quick frame capture) in preferences > Association/Capture.
Playback will be paused when entering into hibernation mode.

Added a function to mix shaders.
Added a function to delete a playing file on the fly(Shift + Del).
Added an option to play the next file on deletion of the playing file.
Changed unrar library to the one which supports unicode.
The status of full screen when exiting will be remembered individually by the option: "Remember fullscreen status when exiting" in preferences > general > when starting...

Initializing file associations by pressing the button 'Defaults' in preferences > Association > Association tab will apply the icons of the file extensions defined by user in Extensions tab there to system. The file lists to associate can be managed easily by customizing the extensions to connect and pressing "R" button in Extensions tab.
Revised the method of association to define extensions used to filter files in file open dialog box in preferences.
Added an option to specify the monitor to go when entering into full screen in preferences > General > Screen > Advanced tab.

Added a function to remove KMP from taskbar and show in system tray.
Added global hotkeys which are keyboard shortcuts that you can use it from any running application.
Improved shortcut supports, the shortcut of files or folders will be loaded correctly.
Improved the function of snapping to the edge or window of screen.
Improved the function of always on top, there was a bug in specific condition.

Improved the way of switching between fullscreen modes.
Improved popup menu speed when right clicking on KMP.
Extracted the scripts of pixel shader filters to text files in /The KMPlayer/Shader/.
Fixed a bug in calling media info, it'll not read again in case of the same cue file.

Improvements of Playlist Editor
Added a function to search in playlist editor.
Added a function to randomize playlist in playlist editor.
Added a function to scan a playlist folder(/The KMPlayer/PlayList) when playlists are copied to the folder. When launching the player, it will scan the folder automatically and add or remove the playlist files to Album lists. Also, it is possible to add playlists to album lists manually by right clicking on playlist editor > Add to album > Scan playlist folder of KMP.
Added a function to delete without confirmation in playlist(Ctrl + Shift + Del).
Added a function to delete a physical file in context menu > Playlist(Ctrl + Shift + Del).

Advanced Playback Functions
General Things
Added a function to create a filter graph internally.
NSV streaming and native support for its container.
Native AMR audio file(.AMR) support.
Added AMR-WB audio support in video container.

Added a function to support multiple channels of WMA in preferences > Source Filter > Windows Media tab. You should enable the option there to get supported for 5.1ch output of windows media audio.
Supported CD-Text of Audio CD natively.
Updated Internal Ogg Vorbis codec(ogg, vorbis, vorbisenc.dll --> OggVorbis.dll).
Fixed a bug of not working Desktop Playback Mode(shift + enter, 9) in the environment of multiple monitors.

Improved to support an unicode input plugin of winamp(in_!mpg.dll, 2006/9/30).
Improved the audio support of quicktime files(.MOV).
Fixed a bug of not parsing some wav files correctly. Normal wav and dtswav file having a same file extension will be played correctly.
Fixed a bug, "can not make graph builder".
Fixed a bug of not displaying a playing screen with some video files when changing to next file in seamless playback.

Internal MPEG2 PS splitter: MPEG4, H.264, AAC supports.
Internal MPEG2 TS splitter: DTS, AAC, H.264 supports.
Media contained multiple video streams are now supported to select in internal splitter.
Fixed a bug of skipping frames when playing .MOV with internal mp4 splitter.

Added Enhanced Video Renderer(Vista only)
Added a function to configure output speakers and sample formats with audio processing filter in preferences > Audio Processing > Resample/Output. It's for outputting audio streams to 24/96 device.
Added a function to configure output sample formats with internal audio decoder in preferences > Internal Audio Decoder > Output tab.
Added a function to connect to the second sound device at the same time(if you have two sound cards).

Last scene will be retained in renderless mode when playing next file resulting in deception of seamless playback.
Fixed a problem of being unstable when using Virtual Headphone Mode 1(2ch) in preferences Internal Audio Decoders > Speakers settings.
Fixed a bug in VMR9 Renderless, an error occurred when playing videos for a long time.

Audio and Video Processing
Added a function to disable KMP video transform filters automatically corresponding to video FourCCs in preferences > video processing.
Improved the playback engine for speed control to have a decent quality when increasing playback speed with a regular tone and the function of Jog Shuttle is merged into Speed Control(Shift+ Num */-/+) in Playback menu.
Added a function to select a default audio stream by language code or stream number in preferences > Multi-Audio Streams.
When using tempo filter with some videos, the player was unstable, it's fixed.

Configuration managements
Added a condition to auto switch configurations corresponding to the framerate of videos in preferences > Configuration Management.
Adjusted Configuration Management in preferences so that the extension will be checked on character match if it contains dot character. ex) .vob

Enhanced Subtitle Processing
The text data of Closed Caption in .VOB can be displayed by enabling the option, "Read a closed caption closed caption data as a text subtitles" in preferences > subtitles processing > Multiple Languages > Advanced.
Added a function to convert text of subtitles and messages to speech(TTS).
Added a function to force a line break if the displaying subtitle is only one line.
Added a function to convert the framerate of subtitles.
Added a function to define the value of pushing and pulling a subtitle sync in preferences.
Added an open dialog box of subtitles for TV-OUT.
Improved the support of color attributes of .SSA subtitles.
Fixed a serious problem of being unstable when displaying subtitles in some system.
Fixed a problem of not reading some srt subtitles properly.

Renewed Skin Engine
Renewed a skin engine completely. Consequently, overall running speed of KMP is slightly improved. To use an alpha blending effects on skin, PNG file format is supported now. A default skin is changed to new one using a new skin engine. Thank you, opus!
Added a function to define a custom menu in skin.
Improved the speed of drawing a round type skin.
Improved the way of changing a skin, it'll be switched more naturally.

Visualization Enhancements
Added a function to display text including audio tags in preferences > visualizations > slideshow tab when playing music. To turn off the display, toggle the option after right clicking on KMP > Visualization > Display Audio Tags when playing music.
The logo file defined in skin will be displayed if visualization does not turn on forcibly when playing music.
Improved the function of visualization, especially albumart in viewpoint of slideshow.

Improved Capture Functions
Added an internal AAC encoder in audio capture(alt+a).
Added system compressors in audio capture.
Added an internal vorbis encoder for audio compression in AVI capture(alt+c).
Changed bitrate to 'quality' of video compression ratio in AVI capture dialog box.

The KMPlayer Full Install version, 12,996,789 Bytes


The KMPlayer Full 7zip version, 10,186,196 Bytes


The KMPlayer Full zip version, 16,137,184 Bytes


The KMPlayer Mini zip version, 7,202,572 Bytes


The KMPlayer Standalone, 3,594,240 Bytes



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Е колко теми за едно и също нещо - вече има тема тук

Иначе страхотен плеър, наистина

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gnnn закъснял си :)

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gnnn, тука малко са те изпреварили


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За самата тема съм я пуснал преди година и 3 месеца... :)
Пуснато на: Вто Окт 18, 2005 00:26 Заглавие: Link: The КМРlayer Multilanguage

Ужажаемият koennig я беше отворил с негово становище на:
Пуснато на: Вто Яну 02, 2007 22:54 Заглавие:

Просто съм добавил какво е подобрил корееца, след като не беше отбелязано от theboy
Е, чак пък да е кой-знае какво, при положение, че съм я регистрирал
програмата като тема и theboy едва ли го приема това като "оспорване" на неговия принос. Нека да не водим дискусии "съм ли бил изпреварен" ? Не съм оспорвал нищо в случая освен, че съм дал и по-подробно информацията за програмата.

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gnnn, OK . Не се засягаий и не го приемай лично (май така си го приел).
Просто съм пропуснал поста ти (за 1200) преди 15 месеца.
18.10.2006 -KMPlayer 2.8.1030 Multilanguage
Изинявай още веднаж :) :)
Тук сме да си помагаме, а не на олимпийски игри :) :)

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http://www.kaldata.c.......41240&st=15 тук има бета версия на превод на български !!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :) :)

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За да си спестите разходката и ровенето в друг форум:


Публикувано изображение

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За да няма обидени потребители :)

Пълен пакет от кожи > http://store1.data.b..._Skin_Files.rar
ʞъде ɯи и3чезнɐ подпиɔɐ
Don Diego
Публикувано изображение

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