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There are 2 main points to consider. The first is that you are trying to buy cheap homecoming dresses and the second is that you want the dress that you eventually select to be perfect.

But is perfection and value compatible?

Here let's look at 7 tips that will help you to select the perfect dress at the right price:

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1. Simple can still be cool. We're trying to save money, but still look great right? So a simple dress which isn't big on decoration and technical design will usually be cheaper, but they don't have to be boring. Jazz up a plain dress by wearing some fun beaded or sparkly jewelry or some brightly colored bangles!

2. Recycle. Have you got an old dress hiding away at home that you still love? How about that bridesmaid dress from last year? These are great potential homecoming dresses! Just go to a local dressmaker and get them adjusted, perhaps to a short knee-length or one-shoulder dress and then you'll be ready to party!

3. Choose, and stick with, one style. The style that you choose will depend mostly on your body shape and height as well as taste. If you're a plus size then you'll want a style and pattern that flatters your shape, so think A-Line or Empire dresses with a single color. On the other hand if you're tall and skinny you could choose a mermaid dress with some extra ruffles or decoration above and below the waist to give you a more defined shape.

Find which style is best for your shape and go with that to ensure that you look great.

4. Select interesting fabric. Homecoming is about fun and dancing, so don't choose dull fabric. Instead you can choose some shiny satin, iridescent taffeta or a dress with some extra body thanks to layers of tulle or something similar. It's still possible to find cheap dresses in quite eye-catching fabrics.

5. Be comfortable. Comfort isn't going to save you money, but it will save you a lot of stress so we have to consider it when looking for a 'perfect' dress. Because homecoming is about crazy parties and lots of dancing you'll definitely benefit from a short skirt, probably knee-length at most.

6. Traditional is out. This isn't a stuffy formal ceremony; rather it's a fun, more casual event. So try something a bit more modern - spaghetti strap gowns, asymmetrical styles and off-shoulder dresses are cool, fresh and fun!

7. Be adventurous where you shop. If you go to the same local mall as all of the other girls you'll be assured of one thing, paying too much and getting the same kind of dress as everyone else! A great way to save a lot of money and find that dress that no one else has is to start searching online.

Yes, there are many stores and it can seem like a bit of a minefield, but once you see the prices you'll know that it's worth it! Just be sure to speak to the staff at the site first by emailing them some questions. Then you can be sure your money is safe as it is staffed by real humans who will help you and isn't a scam run by evil computers from space! See more at: Prom Dresses UK 2016

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