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How to transfer Android phone messages to computer? I want to use Gmail …To make things easier, this page will focus on how to transfer android phone text messages to computer.In fact, no one has 100% confidence to claim that they will never lose their android phone messages. So backing up some important phone messages on computer regularly could be protect data lost . Thus, you need a professional Android Text Message Transfer program to help you. Here Coolmuster Android Asssitant software I recommended to you.

More Features of Coolmuster Android Asssitant software:

1. Not only transfer Android text messages to computer, also works for contacts, media files, apps, etc.

2. Send text messages from PC to Android and iPhone device.

3. Supports almost all Android phones on the market,like HTC, Samsung, Motorola, Sony, ZTE, etc.

How to transfer Android phone text messages to computer?

Step 1: Connect your android phone to the computer

Launch the installed Coolmuster Android Asssitant .Then connect android phone with your computer through a USB cable.

Step 2: Preview and Select the Text Messages You Want to Backup

You will now see all data in your Android phone displayed on computer .

Step 3: Start transferring and backup android phone messages on PC.

Click "Start" button to save them on your computer. Then transfer messages ,and save phone messages on computer for a file.

Android Phone Backup Text Messages

Backup Android Phone Contacts on PC

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