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As we all kone, text message is the common function and people can send text messages to their family or friends . So some messages contain important information , and you usually save messages on your phone. But sometimes you may mistakenly format your phone or restore it to factory settings, then you lost all data from your phone (including text...
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If you want to backup Samsung phone data to computer . The first thing that you'll probably to do is move all data information from your Samsung phone to computer. With the help of Samsung Transfer, you can move data between your Samsung phones in 1 click. What's more, you move more contents such as apps, text messages, call logs, music,...
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Text Messages Backup

Samsung Kies is a good backup app for you to keep samsung data in the computer and restore them. With it, you can deal with six kinds of contents including contacts, music, photos, videos and podcast.But in fact ,sometime Samsung Kies did not work .So I will recommend Coolmuster Samsung Backup software for you !
Coolmuster Samsung Backup...
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How to restore galaxy s3

If you lost some important data due to some reasons from Samsung Galaxy .Don’t worry, you can use Samsung Data Recovery software to recover deleted photos, pictures, videos, and music files.
Samsung Data Recovery helps samsung users...
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In order to clean up your iPhone and free up more space, you can delete some apps that you don't use that much, or choose parts of songs, pictures and videos to delete. --- Terry Charge
Yes ,clean iOS devices can help get more space. But how to Remove Claer iPhone Junk Files ?...
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Many people think that once contacts deleted from the HTC phone, it will be lost forever and never can be recovered back. In fact the deleted contacts are still on android phone. Nowadays, contacts plays an important role on android phone. It always including users phone number, email address, company address and so on. And with the popularity of...

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